Our Story

Our Story

Memories in a Lens brings you a series of products that allow you to view and wear your cherished memories close to your heart.

In 2014, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. Every evening we would sit together and read prayers.

There was a specific prayer for protection that he had wanted in a Pendant to view it and keep with him. I wanted to get one for him but found nothing, he then suggested getting one made.

After his passing, as I was struggling with depression, I wanted to do something to honor him and remembered that he had wanted that Pendant. I started to research again but to no avail. Finally, in tears, I prayed to the Lord to please guide me as I was ready to give up the next day.

The Lord answered my prayers. I woke up to a reply from one of the companies and they were willing to make me a custom pendant with the Prayer in it. It was an incredible and healing journey designing the Pendant & when it was complete, I felt a sense of peace.

Upon hearing my story, the designer agreed to make me a Pendant with my husband and my photo in it. I felt such a sense of peace having him close to my heart and wanted to share this feeling with others and with that “Memories in a Lens” was born. Now we offer a line of custom products that allow you to keep your cherished memories, prayers and messages close to your heart. We pray that our pieces bring you peace & joy, as well.


Sonia Chopra