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 Mother and Child A mother hold's her Child's Heart and Hand Forever

Do not walk in front of me, I may not follow

Do not walk behind me, I may not lead

Just walk beside me and be my friend

Beautiful Heart You are the most Beautiful thing I keep in my Heart
Circle Heart If you love someone put their name in a circle and not a heart, because hearts can break but circles go on forever
Sparkle Don't let anyone ever dull your Sparkle
Dreams Follow your Dreams. They know the way.
Heroes Heroes don't always wear capes. They also wear dog tags and combat boots.
Home I was lost until I found a home in your heart.
Moon and back I love you to the Moon and Back.
Life Over If I had my life to live all over, I would find you sooner so I could love you longer.
Infinity I will Love you for Always
Love Journey My love for you is a journey, starting at forever, and ending at never.
Pawtner You are my Best-est Pawtner
Moon and Stars Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the Stars
Sun Moon Stars You are my Sun, my Moon & all my Stars.
Mother Baby There's a Boy I fell totally in Love with the first time I saw him. He stole my Heart forever when he first called me Mom. 
unexpectedly Forever I fell for you Unexpectedly, but now, I plan to be with you Forever.
Footprints Footprints Prayer
Lords Prayer The Lord's Prayer
Serenity Prayer The Serenity Prayer